gustto cala

  1. Has anyone seen this bag? Does anyone have this bag or have any opinions on this bag?
  2. I haven't seen it in IRL, but I'm liking it! I can't decide on the color though.
  3. i just checked it out on NM website...beautiful bag and the leather looks so yummy!
  4. I think I prefer the clutch to the bag
  5. Looks really cute, but it doesn't seem on the model as big as the measurements on AE says it is. Now I'm curious about the size.
  6. I talked to the people at Gustto, and they said the sizes are equivalent to the baca sizes. According to them, the cala is an updated version of the Baca. Instead of distressed leather, it's much smoother. Sounds good!
  7. I just saw these at Nordstrom the other day. The leather is smooshy but not as much as the baca, and the bag is overall slighty more structured - less casual-looking, IMO. They had the tan and grey colors, both beautiful. The large size seemed smaller than the large baga, but I coudn't say for sure.
  8. It's on my list..I just love the looks of it! I have 2 Bacas and I think this is a fabulous new twist on it. I see on in grey in my furture! :tup:
  9. Hey what happened to the ghetto-fabulous nylon lining??!!

    Love the bag, might have to look into it.
  10. I wonder if the handles are comfortable??
  11. Really cute bag! Haven't seen it in person yet though.
  12. Wa at Nordstrom's today, and they just received the Cala bags. Love them!!! I have a few Bacas, and didn't think I would like what seemed in pictures to be a more structured bag, but it is gorgeous! They had it in Black, Brown & Mushroom. All were beautiful. The sizes seemed to be somewhat in line with the Baca bags, although because of the structure, the smaller Cala seemed a little smaller than the small Baca, and the larger Cala seemed a little smaller than the large Baca. Not by very much, though....It is probably more deceiving than the actual size because it is more structured. Not as smooshy as the Bacas, but wonderful, soft leather. Thought the shoulder straps seemed pretty comfortable, even with a tank top on, but then again, it was loaded with stuffing in the bag, not all of my junk! Definitely plan on getting a few!! In fact my husband was with me and loved them too!!
  13. I just saw this IRL and I must have it! It's gorgeous!
  14. I'm liking this bag a lot, except for the medallion on the front. Not a big fan of that. Otherwise, it looks gorgeous (luv the braided/twisted handles!). I wonder, if it's more of a structured bag, if it's as "bottomless" as the Baca is. The small Baca can a hold a lot in it. But the small version of the Cala looks a little too small. For those of you who saw it IRL, how do the sizes compare to the Baca?

    p.s. I'm luvin the new linings - guess Gustto was listening when you all complained about the canary yellow, ghetto lining!!
  15. Since I haven't seen in it person yet - can someone who has seen it describe the new Gustto lining?

    And I love the look of the Cala clutch :smile: