Gustto bags

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  1. What does everyone think of these bags. I got one for christmas the Andrea bag and I love it. The leather is so soft and the inside is just this beautiful purple color :yahoo:... I wonder when they are coming out with a summer line. I hate waiting lol
  2. Welcome am1184!!! :balloon: Can you post a picture of the bag? I've always loved Gustto! Never brought myself to buying one because their price point was a little shy from premier and opted for the latter, but admire the bags!
  3. If you do a search, you will find some Gustto threads & posts.

    I love the brand, I have 6 bags (I think), 3 Bacas & 3 Parinas. They are all soft and great. For a long time, their quality control seemed to be non-existent, as you will find if you read what we had to say about them on tPf. Some made in Mexico, some made in China. I sold a Parina on ebay only to have it returned because the buyer didn't believe it was authentic based on the tag. I took pix showing her my Gustto bags had differeing tags, linings, etc. I love those bags, the Parinas can carry a ton (I use one really beat up looking one the most at flea markets) and the Bacas are just Bacas, unique! One of the Bacas I have is the big size and it seems to have the same pebbled leather that is used on the Coco Duffels.

    Glad you are enjoying yours too. You won't see yourself coming and going carrying a Gustto.
  4. I was a lil disappointed when I saw my tag made in china. I thought it was European but everything nowadays seems to be made in china. I recently discovered that my uggs were also made in china.

    Thanks for the welcome Bgaholic..I am trying to figure out how to post a pic lol as soon as I figure it out I will post one.
  5. I'm taking the plunge myself by trying the Gustto Andrea bag in their black stamped leather.

    I hope it doesn't disappoint.
  6. I have had one at one time. It was the Rona. It was very pretty, but we have since parted ways.
  7. I have a black stamped Gustto and have a purple Andrea too. I decided I didn't want to keep the purple one because this bag is pretty big and one is enough for me! You will really enjoy your Andrea, this is probably the best Gustto bag ever made, and one of the best leathers!
  8. Thanks Desi!