gunmetal hardware, more coming?

  1. i just love the gunmetal hardware on the l.e. Neiman Marcus bag. do you know if balenciaga plans to make more bags with that type of hardware? thanks!
  2. I know the giant gunmetal hardware will appear on quite a few of the Holiday bags this year :yes"
  3. what are the holiday bags? New colours?
  4. The holiday bags are mixed material bags. Some are suede/leather and there is a leather/tweed and leather/wool. I can't exactlye remember the color combinations, but incoralblue might.
  5. I have the color combos for the suede/arena in the respective order listed below...

    Almond/Cannelle (looks kinda like cinnamon)
    Nut/Gris Fonce (dark grey)
  6. ^^I would love to see a gray in suede! That sounds so promising!
  7. Here is what some of them will look like...what do you guys think? I'm not really a fan myself.
    holiday bal.JPG
  8. ^^^ hmmm.... not a fan either by the looks of it... maybe they'll have the gunmetal hw next next season???
  9. I'm not sure I'm digging it. The suede makes it more "high maintenance" for me.
  10. ^^^me why didn't they put that gunmetal on Sienna. That would've been gorgeous!!!
  11. Yeah, I totally agree...they are kind of blah IMO and high maintenance with the suede. I'm glad I didn't order any.
  12. Not a fan either.

    I'd actually like to see the gunmetal GH with regular leather. It might look really cool in large sized bags. As for the holiday collection, I've never liked mixed material bags:nogood:
  13. Actually, yeah!!! either Sienna or Plomb would've been gorgeous:heart:
  14. Thanks hg"E" for sharing the pics and the combos....all I can say is, hmm interesting :hrmm:. I'm jumping on the bandwagon... I'd like to see the gunmetal on regular leather. Any word on that possibility in the near future?
  15. I actually think that bag in the bottom left, the white brief with dark grey trim, is quite pretty in that combo. Might not be so nice IRL though.