Gulp I settled for JS booties.

  1. I spend big money on shoes and boots but I settled for these Jessica Simpson (:shame:smile: booties. I thought they were fabulous for the money, a great throw away fashion. Plus Nordstroms Anniversary sale always makes me buy!!

    Anyway to the PP; this is my answer to black patent for the upcoming fashion season. At least one option!
  2. Congrats!!!
  3. I bought the same ones! I'm not positive I will be keeping them but like you said, it's a great throwaway piece. I'm not sure these booties will be in next year so I don't want to plunk down too much cash. Plus the cushioning in the ball of the foot made these really comfy. Congrats! They're cute. I love that blue.
  4. IMHO, those things are such a trend that it was smart to just buy the JS version. I'd never spend $$$$ on those because I just don't think they'll be around.
  5. Ditto to PP, NO on big spending $$$$'s towards extravagent trends. However these booties are very comfortable and doable for heavy clomping around.

    I think our little Jessica is becoming the next Steve Madden. I'll give it to her on marketing know how, quality and price.
  6. I love these shoes- sure they may go out of style soon, but they are great for now!
  7. I may go get them in gray--love the style, personally
  8. I was perusing the new NM catalog and they were showing Nanette Lepore's new booties. Guess what?? Nan and Jess must of had a "girls night out", the two are very similar.
  9. cheap or expensive, who cares! as long as they are cute. nice pick! loving the blue and black.
  10. Very cute!
  11. those are really cute!