Guilty Pleasure Movies?

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  1. Mine:

    • White Chicks - In no way is is an Oscar worthy movie but it was so funny!
    • Showgirls - I saw both the NC-17 and the R rated versions. I think I wanted to see it for the dancing, because it was not sexy at all.
    • Striptease - It was back in Demi Moore's "taking my clothes on screen . . . . AGAIN" days. So not sexy. Burt Reynolds was hysterical. My favorite part was when Erin danced to by that Eurythmics song about the little birds. And I don't know if it's intentional, but Demi and all the strippers at the Eager Beaver seemed like B Squad strippers.
  2. Mine are: Lord of the Rings (the whole trilogy) and Mortal Kombat.. haha, I know...

    Oh, and.. Coming to America
  3. Hot Chick - Stupid but funny!
    Porky's - No Comment! LOL
    Police Academy - The first 3 or 4 or so are really funny, not art but entertaining to watch!
  4. Harold and Kumar go to white castle- hilarious
    eurotrip- vulgar and fantastic
    pretty in pink- because im a sap
  5. Valley Girl...I love Nicolas Cage in this movie! Fer sure...:lol:
  6. Malibu's Most Wanted and Dumb&Dumber...both are so dumb it's funny!
  7. harold and kumar goes to white castle, malibu's most wanted, the legally blonde movies and garfield just to mention a few. I'd love to see white chicks and the girl next door as well!
  8. For me:
    • Clueless - I was 12 when it came out - major impression back then and I still love it, great for a pre-girl's night out watch :p
    • American Psycho - sex and gore with Christian Bale, do I need say more :graucho: :sweatdrop: (though actually I think the movie really sucks, compared to the book, but hey, anything for eye candy :p )
  9. All the Austin Powers Movies, Bubble Boy- when Jake was young, and European Vacation.
  10. My guilty pleasure movies are:

    Bring it On
    The Girl Next Door
    Get Over It (Martin Short...sooo stinkin' funny)

    (:shrugs:love me some teen-chick-flicks)
  11. OMG!!! There are so many! LOL!!! DH rolls his eyes at me every time I watch one of them! LOL!!!

    Weird Science
    Sixteen Candles
    All of Chevy Chase's Vacation movies (LMAO!!!)
    Eurotrip (Vinnie Jones' character is HYSTERICAL)

    I can go on FOREVER!!!
  12. ^^^some of yours reminded me of a few more of mine...
    History of the World Part II
    Blazing Saddles
  13. Clueless
    Harold & Kumar go to White Castle
    Fools Rush In
    Dumb & Dumber
  14. I love end of the world movies like Armegeddon, Deep Impact, The Day After Tomorrow ( Loved Jake Gyllenhaal in that movie).
  15. I forgot about:

    • Get Over It! - Ben Foster is HOT!
    • Big Trouble - (See above). Also DJ Qualls is funny, and it was based on a book by Dave Barry, my favorite author.
    • Little Nicky, Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison . . . . . Adam Sandler is hilarious!