guilt over purchases?

  1. Does anyone feel guilty about how much they spend on a bag after they take it home? I think I experienced that today. My birthday is in like 4 days and I figured I would buy myself an "early" birthday present. But when I came home my mom asked how much it costed and started flipping out she kept going is it 50? 100?? I didn't have the heart to tell her it was around $400. So I just lied and said yes it was 100, to which she flipped out on also. :sad: She even suggested I return it, and now I feel so guilty about lying ot her about the price I feel like I might return it. What should I do? I've been racking my brain deciding what to buy for months but now I feel all guilty about it.
  2. If you have the money to spend on it, don't feel guilty. You deserve it!!
  3. I agree with eff, as long as it's your money, it's yours to enjoy and spend as you wish. Hope you have a happy birthday in 4 days :flowers:
  4. Sometimes, even the people you love and who love you, just don't understand.

    Happy Birthday and enjoy your new bag!

    p.s. your little white lie to your mom is okay -- you just did it to keep the peace! I say keep the handbag and your secret.
  5. thanks guys. I feel a bit better about it now. Btw it was an epi pochette, my first actual LV item. :smile: I just feel bad lying about the prices, i'll just slow down my purchases for awhile I guess.
  6. Happy Birthday! If you can afford it, don't feel guilty....enjoy it! Congrats!
  7. All the time girl! So if I really can't part with it I'll keep it and the guilt will fade off, if not then I sell it.
  8. Yes my SO bought me an Epi Speedy 30 today and I feel SOOOOOOOOOO guilty!!! :smile: Hee hee it is so pretty though...
  9. Please don't return it unless you really don't want it. If you love it, keep it and don't feel guilty. I minimize the price of bags frequently depending on who has a right to know. If a friend asks, I don't tell--not their business, but like your situation, could you say "I got a good deal on it"?

    As for actual guilt/remorse, recently I bought a Prada that I really don't need and don't love as much as other bags, but I'm keeping it anyhow. There will be times it will be the bag to use.

    Happy Birthday!!:balloon:
  10. happy bday and it's your bag, keep it...... don't let others make you feel bad for something that you truly want..
  11. I always get buyers remorse, but last week I ordered a Jimmy Choo "Ross" bag from Bergdorf Goodman and it arrived today!!!!:yahoo:
    Unfortunately the bag came poorly packaged and was really crushed.:cursing: I was going to send it back, but decided to contact B & G and complain. The Rep looked into the order and ended up apologizing and providing several options. I ended up getting a very nice discount if I decide to keep the bag. I have decided I will keep the bag, since it was MEANT to be, obviously! :happydance: I am wondering about the color, it is kind of a metallic gold, with a pink hue. Is anyone familiar with it?
    Anyway, KEEP the bag! You deserve it..... Just keep reminding yourself ... I am worth it!:angel:
    Happy Birthday!!!
  12. An Epi!! Good for you! It's timeless and you'll have it forever. What color did you get? I love them all.

    Not everyone understands our passion for handbags....not even other women. But that's okay. You are who you are and that's what makes you special. You may end up with a guy later in life who doesn't "get it" either, but that doesn't make you wrong or "bad"....just a person with a handbag passion.

    Wear your new Epi in good health!!!:flowers:
  13. Happy B-day! It's your birthday so you should spoil yourself for this special day.
  14. it was a tough decision between the red and black one, but in the end I decided to get the black one. I can't stop touching the alcantara...I quite like it, lol. Thank you all again for the reassurance, I do not think I will be returning it. My mom seems to have eased off on that and is ranting about the dog barking at trick or treaters now :P.

    and robynbenz, i'm glad you got a discount! Was it just the package that was messed up or the bag too?
  15. I hate when people do that...especially family and friends....

    Dont feel bad at all....sounds like you got it for a special occassion and a lovely choice it was too....:yes:

    Its funny that, when I purchase somthing...I go through the guilt a bit...but after I make the purchase I am fine....b/c I thought it through...when others make comments about it like its too much or why....I get affirmed in my decision and feel more confident about the whole thing...weird....:P