Guess who lost their sunglasses?

  1. So I went to the Houston Galleria today... I lost my sunnies somewhere while I was shopping... The last place I remember seeing my sunnies was in Chanel... I dunno where I could have placed them? I'm sooooo freakin upset... I lost my previous Chanel 5076's... now my Dior Overshines 2... :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: x 1 billion. Now I gotta buy another pair... or get some Fendi ones I saw... :shrugs:

    Plus when I asked about the Groom and Miroir Line, the SA's at LV didn't know what I was talking about... :wtf:

    But what did cheer me up was the SA's that helped me in Chanel and Fendi told me "Wow... you sure do know your stuff..." :lol:
  2. im so sorry you lost your overshines!,I would die if I lost my Cannage 2's!
  3. aw, sorry to hear that! About a month ago I lost my YSL aviators in Pier 39- but didn't realize it until we'd almost left. I made my poor mom wait while a fought the masses, going into every store I'd been in- and eventually found them in a shoe store! I suggest you either retrace your steps (if you left them a decent store they'll put them behind the counter) and call the security office to see if anyone turned anything in.
  4. poor you!!:crybaby:
    but now you've got a reason to buy a new pair!!:lol:
  5. You were at the Galleria? We went to Houston over labor day weekend and shopped a ton at the Galleria. Love that place! sorry to hear about your sunnies, but I am sure you will find a pair you love soon.
  6. luck. I called the boutiques I was in and they said no one turned them in... but who would turn in a pair of designer sunglasses? Obviously good-hearted people, but I guess this wasn't the case this time.. :cursing:

    LOL. When I told my mom I was going to buy another pair she said "Why? So you can lose those too?" :crybaby:
  7. awwww. sorry to hear about your sunglasses.

    i would never buy designer sunglasses-i have a tendency to loose things!
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