Guess which celebrity just promoted FAKE LVs !!!

  1. ... Paris Hilton :wtf:

    I was watching an interview with her and Nicole Richie on the set of the Simple Life (tv show). She was holding a Mini Lin Speedy ....with PINK HANDLES !!!!!! :tdown:

    The interviewer was a woman and she was wearing LV too ! But hers was authentic I think.. it was a PM Bosphore.. She seemed interested in Ms. Hilton's bag so she asked something like "I like your bag.. I never saw LVs with pink handles before" (thats when i notcied it , lol)

    And Paris smiled and said... (this is the unbelievable part):

    "Oh. Well this bag isn't really real. I got it from Chinatown for 45 bucks. Its cute, isnt it?"

    And the interviewer I guess was shocked because she said "You?! Wearing a knockoff bag?" (like she cant believe it)

    And Paris said "Well, personally, I dont care if a bag is real or not. But I actually like fakes better, because like you can use it and it looks cute and its 50 times cheaper. Theres also more variety cos some of the cute fake ones I have... They dont have them in real shops."


    Btw, the quotes above arent EXACTLY word-for-word what they said. Im just typing what I remember.

  2. I'm not shocked. it's coming from paris afterall
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  3. Let's just hope that LV keeps this in mind the next time that Ms. Hilton wants a limited edition LV item before the official release date. Hopefully, there's no more LV "freebies" for Ms. Hilton as well.
  4. Seriously. Ugh.
  5. Im shocked bcos she's like.. RICH. Why would she wear fake bags?
  6. ^^Just for the reasons she apparently said in that interview. She doesn't care about authenticity.
    Oddly enough, there are a lot of rich people who could care less about designers or authenticity of items.
  7. I'm really not surprised. She's been spotted with fakes before.

    I'd love to see this interview though, where did you see it? Was it on E!?
  8. She's been spotted with FAKE LVs before ??! When? Can I see a picture? Wow... Shocking.

    It was on E! right after the Simple Life.
  9. Thanks LouisVObsession, I'll have to watch out for the interview.

    There has been lots of pictures of Paris carrying fake LV's in the CELEBRITIES and their LV'S thread.
  10. Her parents would be proud! She's not the smartest of the bunch, that's for sure! I'm just tired of her.
  11. Paris with a fake MC wallet

    Fake MC pap

    There are others, but those are two examples...
  12. She's seriously cheesy!
  13. This doesnt surprise me at all...I have seen her and Nicky both carrying fake LV's a lot in pictures...believe it or not there are a lot of very wealthy people out there who could care less about authenticity...I actually know of some infact..and they tell me that they simply just don't care, they buy whatever they think is cute...
  14. Isnt that wallet real ?? How do u know its fake when u can see it properly?

    Srry im not good at telling authentics and fakes lol
  15. I think most of us are...I have seen on TV her mother carrying Hermes a lot but I'm assuming that they are authentic but you never know...