Guess what I saw today? Miroir Miroir!!

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  1. Well was walking back to LV today to pick up my bag (too lazy too carry it around while shopping). And as we were approaching I saw a glimmer of silver.... :wtf: I immediatley said to my bagpal (tpf'er brendating) LOOK LOOK!! She didn't know what I was going on about then I said MIROIR MIROIR!!!! We both saw it and power walked so fast to get to the boutique! The SA had both bags out showing them to a customer. We were both :drool: :drool: it looks soooooooooo gorgeous! We really wanted to ask too look at it closer but as it was nearly closing time and the SA was busy chatting to the customer.
    Anyway just wanted to share our sighting of this super sexy bag!!
  2. Nice-was this the Lockit?
  3. the lockit??? they told me the didn't have it :s:weird:
  4. was it the lockit? or something else?
  5. did the customer buy them?
  6. anyone got pics yet?
  7. ive always wanted to see a mirior IRL !!
  8. Ahh, we need answers to these questions! LOL!
  9. I can wait to see one.
  10. I'm so sorry I was in such a rush to tell you guys that I forgot to say! Yeah it was the lockit!!!
  11. Brendating and I asked about the lockit but our usual SA didn't say they had it in. So when we went back later to pick up my bag we were both very shocked to see it!!

    The lady didn't buy the bag we over heard her saying that she can't buy it today.

    We both can't get over at just how sexy this bag is! So unfair that our store is only receiving one of each colour!

    OH BTW it's not rose/bronze gold as was suggested on some threads. It's GOLD!!!! :drool:
  12. Ooh how nice. I wish I would have put myself on the list for the gold but oh well.
  13. OMG!! I can't wait to see it! Lucky girl!
  14. Awwww is there no chance you could still find one?
    Would go so well with your speedies!! :graucho:
  15. OMG, I am not going to sleep tonight I am so excited! I am on the list for gold, yippee! I have my fingers crossed, thanks for posting this info!