guess what came in... :)

  1. my apple green city is here!!!!! yipeeeeeeeee:nuts: :nuts: :love: ;) ;)

    waiting for my emerald 2003 classique and my red 2003 classique...wuhooooo


  2. YAY! Congrats!!
  3. Love the vibrant, bright colour! Congrats!
  4. So yummy.

    Oh wowow, you've a lot of Balenciagas!
  5. Congrats!!:love:
  6. if you decide you don't like the '03 red, i'll give it a happy home!

    beeeeeeautiful bags :smile:
  7. I love the green, its so bright!
  8. congrats, Amour!
  9. Congrats! Great colors!!!!
  10. thanks ladies....;) :love: :nuts:

    amanda sure I'll PM you I'll meet up w/ the seller next week and check out the bag though I saw the pictures and it's divine;)
  11. gorgeous! love that color.
  12. YIPEEE!!!
    Another Apple City Girl!!!! OOOh, CeeJay is going to kill you! YIKES!!
  13. OMG my bbag sister!!!! I am sooo excited...these rare bags are coming to me all at once...:love: :love: :nuts: :love:

    ceejay Peace!!!!:shame:
  14. OMG I must've missed out on the part that you were getting one!!! CONGRATS!!!!!
  15. YAY! Congrats!!