Gucci wear ain’t Gucci!!

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  1. C3E517A4-F878-4A30-9698-25F7DAB86D0E.jpeg 4A092186-EF30-4A9C-98AA-9733B101DF1C.jpeg 79A9FE92-71B2-4762-8E49-2E62E6E4F5BC.jpeg I recently bought a small Marmont Top Handle bag in a color I’ve been stalking. I’m in love with it so I keep looking at it. I have noticed very little wear on the corners already. Looking at posts no one mentioned corner wear on Marmont bags being an issue. Is it maybe the color? I’ve not dropped it or scraped against anything
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  2. Get in touch with your SA and let them know what's going on, maybe they will look at it and fix it or replace it.
  3. Bought it on eBay
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  4. I think you must be dropped it or something for the edge to scuff
  5. Thanks. But I haven’t like I said. That would make sense. Someone mentioned sitting on table on fb and I have set it on a table
  6. oh... can't help you with that one. If you are inclined to bring it a Gucci boutique, they might can help you.
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