Gucci underwear

  1. Anyone knows how much r they? for mens...wld appreciate pics.
  2. LOL I didn't realize they sold GUCCI underwear!!!! Hmmmmm....Do they have a big "G" on the know...FRONT!??! Just kidding..hope you find it..Did you check the website?
  3. I saw this model wearing it on a mag...i feel like buying it but dunno wads the cost. Anyone out there knows?
  4. eek..Never knew spend my money on a bag!!!!
  5. Well..if I buy that,I will hav to make sure my pants are loose enough..HAHHAHA...ROFL
  6. You might be able to check it on the Gucci website...but honestly I'd rather have my man wearing something cute and sexy than a Gucci undie hahaha...That would be too metrosexual for me
  7. Nope...cant find it...