Gucci tote?

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  1. Clearly, I'm not paying too much attention at work today ;) . What do you guys think about this tote:


    I've been eyeing it for months, but feel conflicted about it. I don't love logos, but I really like the shape of the tote.
  2. Its alright IMO. I'm not much of a gucci fan. Somehow I dont like the logo w/that color.
  3. I agree, I like the shape, but don't like the color combination. Classic dark brown trim in my opinion. :smile:
  4. Like the other girls, I don't like the color combo. I see it with brown, red, metallic or something.
  5. I have the smaller tote of this version but instead of blue-green trim, I got mine in ivory white. The smaller tote is very roomy and I carry it around all the time. But this one looks rather big.
  6. They had this tote last year with the brown trim. It was one of those, "I waited too long" situations. By the time I decided to get the bag last year, they were sold out, and I was excited to see it re-released this year, although the color combo isn't to die for.
  7. i'm sure it comes in black as well, might look better.