Gucci Tote Help!

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  1. Hey girls! I'm getting a new laptop for the Holidays (yay! an apple!!), and I'd love to carry it in a Gucci tote! I'm having a hard time picking a bag thought- it needs to be a roomy tote that holds my computer, and the straps need to go over the shoulder. (My ideal shape is similar to the LV Cabas Mezzo tote)

    I love the look of the
    jolcoeur tote, but I think its too small! I'd appreicate hearing what totes you guys use, as well as suggestions.


  2. My 2 Joli Couers would NOT fit a laptop well..
  3. :sad: I also like the Big Charmy, but I don't think that is big enough either.
  4. When I went to law school i needed to bring my laptop everyday. I wanted a nice bag, but something that wasn't too big or too boxy looking. After numerous attemps to get an uber nice bag, I walked into Coach and found the perfect bag for half the price.

    The bag I have is black, and in fact, it is a baby bag (or diaper bag). It was perfect and to this day, I use it sometimes for work because it is so durable, and holds a lot.

    The bag has 2 end pockets (for bottles) which I used to put water bottles in, or my cell phone, and inside of it, there are other compartments. My laptop fits in the bigger area, and the entire thing can be zipped closed.

    My advice to you is take a look at diaper bags (and even Coach)!!!!!