Gucci Sunglasses - Yay or Nay?

  1. Yay or Nay on these? Do the signature lenses make it a little tacky?

  2. I love Gucci, but I dont really like these sunglasses - first i dont like aviators and the monogram on the lenses is just too much for me
  3. noooooo!!agree with handbag lover:monogrammed lenses are just too much!!!
  4. Yea, a little busy for sunglasses..not digging the monogram on the lenses.
  5. Nay here. Mono lenses aren't my thing.
  6. no! reminds me of a fly's eyes...
  7. I thought it was a bit tacky too :/ Just doing some random browsing on though, lol. Dont worry I wasnt thinking about getting them.
  8. i can't see the pic:cry:
  9. ok, just saw it......i would say is too much fo me!
  10. Please don't mad if I vote for NO.
  11. Nay.
  12. nay.....i feel like that would impair my vision :wacko:
  13. You found this on bluefly huh? I like Gucci but this is too much logos for me. Reminds me of something Snoop Dogg would wear. :lol:

    It's a NAY for me.
  14. I actually have these in brown - and they fit my face really weird. I will put them on and snap a pic so you all can laugh at my fly eyes. ahha 2 min.
  15. They're a little much for me...I don't think I could wear them, they would drive me crazy!!
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