Gucci Sukey Medium Tote GG Fabric - Black, White or Brown?

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  1. hey all, im planning on getting the Gucci Sukey in GG fabric. however, i still cant decide the trim color. please help me decide between the three. thanks... ;)
  2. black>brown>white
  3. brown
  4. brown
  5. Brown
  6. brown for sure!
  7. i love the black trim with the brown gg fabric contrast. my full moon tote is this way and it was my "black" bag for the longest time.
  8. black
  9. Brown or white. I actually like the white. It's great for spring.
  10. ^ advertising your business is not allowed here!
  11. Black
  12. i would say black too. browns are soo hard to match? if that matters?
    ivory makes a person looks more classy

    my bf got the large sukey tote for me for xmas ;D but its in brown... but its still good i suppose
  13. I like white.. I like the pop against the brown logo.
  14. white
  15. Brown.