Gucci soho disco- beige

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  1. Hello anyone who owns this bag does it suffer from denim transfer? Does it get dirty easily? Deciding between beige or black ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467994042.680947.jpg Thank you
  2. Not sure what color that is. I have rose beige. No issues. Love it.
  3. That is the pink/rose beige Color. I just purchased it a few weeks ago. Because of the leather quality, I don't think it will have any issues. Wipe able unlike LV canvas which is porous
  4. Hi have you made your decision? Sorry for the late reply. I've had mine since January this year and have travelled quite a few times with this bag. I wear a lot of denim and only had color transfer once from dark black jean shorts. Luckily I was able to wipe off the color transfer with some baby wipes.
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  5. You've probably already decided but just got the rose beige a few weeks ago and wore it today with new very dark blue jeans and it did transfer to my bag. I did my best to gently wipe it with soap and a soft cloth but there is a faint color still left behind. It's the back of the back so it won't be visible but still upsetting for my new bag. I wear jeans a lot but this pair was new and maybe after a few washes it won't happen. Just wanted to give you a heads up.
  6. Aww. Sorry this happened to you. I haven't had it happen but I have worn with jeans washed several times. :sad:
  7. Have you tried baby wipes? I do not have rose beige disco, but in my experience wearing light coloured bags with dark denim,even if it's been washed several times always produces colour transfer.
  8. Most of it has come off so it's not visible. I will have to buy some baby wipes and try it. No more diapers in our house. I have carried a LV azur bag all spring and summer and never had transfer problems but perhaps that is because it's a hobo and carried higher. I am definitely aware and more cautious wearing my darker denim. And plus, the transfer was a result of my key in the side pocket of the Disco and made it stick out a little so it rubbed against my jeans. That's the only spot of the transfer.
  9. I've had my rose beige Disco for over a year and have had no issues with color transfer. I also have had no issues with it getting dirty.
  10. I have the pink one and the first night I took it out, somebody spilled a shot full of Hennessy on it. Imagine my horror! But I was able to wipe it off and left no stains. Looked like nothing happened to it. :smile: So doesn't get dirty easily in my opinion.
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  11. I chose the black, as my SA told me she had seen denim color transfer to beige and I wear denim daily...did you decide on a color? You will adore this bag no matter which color you decide on :smile:
  12. I guess I'm one of the last to know that it's being discontinued! Beige is beautiful! Too bad I didn't think about snagging one before. Such a useful and comfortable bag!
  13. But why they discontinued??????
  14. I apologize if there is already a thread on this but I am a newbie to purse forum.

    I've had the Gucci Soho Disco Bag in Beige for about 6 months and I absolutely love it and have no experience of color transfer or the bag holding its shape. However, the other day I was caught in a rain/snow storm and the bag got wet for the first time since I've had it. It was leather so I figured it would be okay but then I noticed that certain parts of the bag starting showing these blue-ish blotches. I was upset as I thought I had rubbed against someone's denim as I was trying to get out of the rain (I was wearing leggings) but then once my bag air dried (no wiping with a cloth) the blotches disappeared.

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I wonder if the bag is defective and if I should bring it back to Gucci as I have never experienced color transfer even when I wear jeans. Unfortunately I don't have pictures as I don't want to purposely get the bag wet again.

  15. I was trying to decide between the Rose beige or black as well, I ended up getting the black because I pretty much wear 90% black. The Rose beige is still calling me although I haven't seen it in person yet. I may very well end up getting both.
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