Gucci shoe size US versus EU

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  1. Back in the early 1980s I bought five pairs of Guccis directly from the store. I still have them and they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had.

    I decided I want to get more pairs if the price is right. I have mostly been looking on eBay.

    The Guccis I have are 38 and 38.5 and they fit. I also have a pair that is a 37.5, so I can go that low.

    I just missed getting a pair on eBay that was a 7.5 and am now watching a pair of 8.5. Since 38 and 38.5 fit, does that mean I am an 8 or an 8.5 in Gucci?

    In other brands, it doesn’t always correspond that a 38 is an 8, a 39 is a 9, etc.

    So, will an 8.5 be too big if I wear a 38.5 in Gucci? Or will it be just right?
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  2. It depends on the shoe. I’m a 36 in brixtons and Jordan’s, 36.5 in in princetown and 35.5 in the aces. I’m a US 6.5 and most of my older Gucci shoes (7+ years old) are 36.5. If you can, you should try some of the shoes on in person before buying from ebay
  3. Thanks. It sounds like the US sizes are close enough that if I wear 38 and 38.5 in vintage Gucci, I can probably wear 8 and 8.5.

    I sometimes go down to a 7.5 to get a shoe to fit my narrow heels, but when I do, I need a soft leather shoe with give in the toe. I’m actually more of an 8 or 8.5 AA.
  4. depends on the style Gucci shoe, if it's older or newer, and how your feet feels in said shoe.
  5. I’m mostly looking at loafers from the 1980s and 1990s. The new ones are too expensive so I am keeping my eye out for older models still in good condition. It sounds like I can take a chance on a 8 or an 8.5, and maybe skip the 7.5.

    I got a pair recently that is an 38.5 AA probably from the 1980s. It fits. It’s not too long in length and just right in width. An 8.5 B probably will be a bit big, but maybe it will fit with an insole or heel pads.
  6. I had a pair of sandals I bought in the 80s that were marked 39. Gucci's current size chart says that is equivalent to a US 9, but back when I bought them, I wore a 7. I grew to an 8 and they still fit me but tighter. They measured 9 7/8 inches long.

    Maybe you should take measurements of shoes that fit you and compare that to the measurements of shoes you see listed.
  7. Yeah, I think that’s what I need to do.

    The measurements you have for a 39 confirm that maybe a Gucci 7.5 would be too small, and I should stick with 8 and 8.5.

    I was concerned because some people have been saying they size down for Guccis. But it sounds like for me that would mean I’d get a shoe too small.
  8. I wear a size 9 shoe with very narrow heels. In Brixton I'm a 38.5 and in Jordan 39. I can't wear Princetown
    because of my narrow heel's which makes me kick out no matter what size.

    And in Gucci "Ace" sneakers I wear a 38.5 as well. Hope that helps. :smile:
  9. Yes, it gives me something to think about. If I can get a 9 AAAA, I can wear it. An 8.5 AAA is just about the perfect size.

    The wider the heel, the shorter the size I need to get, but 7 1/2 is about the shortest I can go.
  10. Check out the Gucci website. There is a size guide for shoes between UK, EU, and US sizes.
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