Gucci shawls with glitter - need help!

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  1. hello out there :smile:
    I need your help. I looove the shawl of the WAG. She said it is from gucci.
    I can't find it at the online shop. So I need you!!
    Is it still available at the store? is it from the new collection? Price and name? other colours or only black?

    I'm so thankful for an answer!

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  2. anyone???
  3. I need the name and price. hopefully someone can help me! I've tried it on the gucci forum but ve got no answers. So I hope here can somone ID it.
    I know it is from gucci, but nothingelse. It isn't on the gucci website so you are my last chance..

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  4. you can close this thread! I'v found it!