Gucci sandals for summer, what do you think?

  1. Here is the link

    Gucci -  Minerva High-Heel Wedge -  Neiman Marcus

    What do you think of these for summer? Is the logo too much? I am looking for summer cute summer sandals and like these, but sometimes I think logos can be a bit tacky. Especially if you look like a walking billboard. Don't get me wrong, I looooove designer and logos, but tell me what you think of these.
  2. I love, i may get them for myself.:nuts:
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  4. I love them! Very hot!
  5. I like them! As for the logo, I think that's fine as long as you don't carry a bag with a huge logo from a different brand.
  6. I think they're really cute! Definitely a hot summer sandal.
  7. I like them!!
  8. Me likey!!
  9. love them!!
  10. i think the G is a little big but i don't like wearing anything with a huge logo, thats really comes down to personal taste. im sure they look really hot =)
  11. similar ones also here, I think I will get these:
  12. Adorable, I love them.:yes:
  13. lovely! and it's not screaming with logos so that's a plus.
  14. as long as you keep the other elements of the outfit non-logo, i'd definately wear them, they're great-looking sandals. and i'm not a logo person, either. i really like the color.
  15. LOVE them..Go for it!