gucci sample sale

  1. there was employee only sample sale this morning at the nyc 5th avenue store.

    womens shoes were $35.
    bags were $250
    clothes were 10% of the wholesale price

    crazy!!! :wtf:
  2. Holy Cow! Those SA's are super lucky! Is there anything left for us when the sale comes next month?
  3. what bags did you see?? anything good?
  4. yikes, what an amazing sale! wish I knew an SA that worked there!
  5. :wtf: :drool:
  6. wow! :nuts:
  7. what?!!!:wtf:
  8. Omg!!
  9. most of the things were damaged goods. so no worries! plenty for us! :yahoo:
  10. no pictures??
  11. i dont work there. just heard from my bf who does.
  12. Where is the Gucci sample sale at? Am I late?