Gucci python bags...are they worth it?

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  1. Hi,
    I was wondering...does anyone have any experiences with the python? Do they flake easily? Are they worth the money?
  2. my favorite Guccis are the ones in python or snakeskin! :heart: ! i've never had any problems with flaking or scales lifting....but i'm very careful with my exotics.
  3. I guess when you want to purchase any exotics from Gucci, should wait until their sale to see if it goes on sale. My GF bought a croc hysteria at full price, and a few months later, it was on sale for 40%. And I usually see a couple of python bags on sale, so you should wait for the sales to get exotics...
  4. Good advice if you just want any bag in an exotic. I actually thought the same


    I was thinking about buying a snakeskin for my mother in the sale for her B-day so I could get twice the bag for half the price if you KWIM. I figured about £700 - 1,500.

    But the only exotic that was going to be in the sale was - £8,000 - (yes that's a British pound sign).

    The very large python clutches this fall look a fair price (relatively speaking)


    Exotics are more delicate whatever they are made by.

    Gucci strengthen the overall bag by usually lining them with suede

    The larger bags use larger snakes and skins (obviously) or they do a patchwork (like the purple TDF New Jackie for this Fall) the larger the more chance the scales will 'peel' if you don't look after your bag.

    With care they should last forever.