Gucci/Prada/Fendi bags - authentic site?

  1. I found this website and the prices look too good to be true. I dont know much about Gucci or Prada or Fendi so I would like all you experts to educate me...please take a look at the site and tell me..are these authentic bags? Are they old styles? Anyone with experience buying from this website? Thanks!
  2. i only trust,, and
  3. Lots of fake Pradas there, so I imagine it's safe to assume the same of the other bags.....
  4. Several people I know have bought Gucci and Prada from this site and are very satisfied. The feedback on their site speaks for itself, I think.
  5. I am always leary of these websites. I would only trust authorize dealers.
  6. Mmm doesn't look great at all - I would stay clear
  7. AI actually think they sell fakes mixed w/ real.
  8. That said, I would not buy from them
  9. Website looks interesting for sure...I have to say the Prada has all the bells and whistle of being the real deal. Gucci I do not know too much about...the prices in general are not give-a-way so maybe they are authentic? Who knows? It is getting harder and harder to tell who is on the up and up and who is not....Good luck.
  10. I think this is the only honest reply in this thread.

    I have bought from this site, and I know others who have also, and the bags are authentic. The only "stock photos" they show are special order bags (they call it "Personal Shopping" and the use of stock photos in those cases is understandable, to me.)

    I know none of us want to pay good money for fake merchandise, but we all need to realize how easy it is for someone we don't know from Adam (including me =) to tell you "Fake'; or "Real" and we tend to accept that because it came from TPF. Don't be silly.

    I know a little about Prada and a lot about Gucci, but very little about, oh say, Chloe, or Balenciaga. Yet I can post "FAKE!!" as often as I want on any forum. Or "REAL!!" Is that fair? I think we all need to back up what we say. If you say if it's fake, say why you believe that. If real, say why you believe that. No one on this forum is infallable, and I think it does an injustice to honest resellers for certain members to cry "Fake" without backing it up.

    For that matter, when these same "certain people" tell you something is "authentic" without an explanation. . . .what does that mean? I see so many posts that say only, "FAKE!" or, better yet, "Oh yeah this is real!" Without more information those posts are meaningless. And just because someone posts 1000 times doesn't change the fact that we don't know them. What is their opinion worth without an explanation?

    Visit the eBay forum here and read what honest seller think about eBay telling them their items "might not be authentic" without an explanation. The same thing happens everyday here on The Purse Forum.

    Just my opinion.
  11. I have bought a few times from them and was very pleased with everything.
    Starting from customer service, personal shopper service ( wonderful, they are able to find you the exact handbag you want ), prices, shipping etc.
    Yes, the bags and everything they sell are 100% authentic and not old styles at all. I can only say, I will buy from them again and again as there I found a source I can trust 100%, which is not so easy these days.
  12. very valid point and i totally agree!!

    i posted a few items on the "authenticate this" thread... and some of the responses i got was "yes this is authentic... this seller is a member of tpf" and left it at that... i have to say that after getting reassurance from a few tpf members, i was actually going to go for it - but missed the auction by a few hours (thankfully i lost track of time)... then i realized, maybe i need a little more than just "yeah, go for it!"

    although i do appreciate people here that were willing to help others authenticate items, a detailed explanation would certainly help :yes: