Gucci Luggage - As Everyday Tote

  1. I've been eyeing this Gucci luggage bag to use as an everyday tote. I've not had any experience with their luggage line. Has anyone seen this bag or bought Gucci luggage before? Comments? Thanks!

    Here it is - but I want the brown leather trim: Gucci
  2. I actually was thinking the same when I saw the luggage tote. It would make a great everyday bag! Low maintenance, not fabric, and durable. Cute too! Oh! They go on sale from time to time too!
  3. i have one from spring of '05...same tote just in teal. The only complaint is that it's so big you tend to just toss things in there and it gets quite heavy!! =)! But i love it! It's really durable and you won't regret it!