Gucci large sukey crocodile

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  1. PFers----

    I have coveted the gucci sukey in croc forever- and now that I am ready to take the plunge it is suddenly gone from the site! I contacted and they said they can only tell me it's currently not available on line. Any ideas?
  2. Contact a store. They can check all stores to see if anyone has it. Good luck!
  3. :yes: :tup:

    I saw one in Gucci's sig rich brown, only about about a month ago when I bought some Cruise RTW

    I absolutely understand why you fell in love with it, the croc takes the Sukey to a whole new level :drool:

    I also wish you the very best of luck lee, I really hope you track one down
  4. Call the store in NYC (or large location close to where you live) and see if they can track it down for you! It is a beautiful bag!
  5. Persistence! Four years and I found one resale in pristine condition. Happy camper!!
  6. Congratulations [emoji323][emoji898][emoji324]
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  7. Wow!
  8. Fantastic, so pleased for you
  9. Congrats!! Would love to see a pic
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  10. It’s beautiful. I can understand the need to hunt it down. Congrats!