Gucci in The Bahamas

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  1. Hi all. I just heard on another thread there is Gucci in the Bahamas! I am so excited I’m going there in April and I want to pick up a bag.. does anyone know if the prices are similar and how the taxes are from the US?
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  2. I was at the one in the Atlantis hotel a year ago. They had a great selection — a little cheaper than USA and tax free!

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  3. That’s great. Can’t wait to get there !! Did they have clothes too?
  4. No clothes but everything else at either store and the store downtown on Bay Street is much larger than the Atlantis one. Any time I am there, I always luck out on shoes, belts and wallets !
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  5. Thanks so much. Can’t wait. Do I need to claim stuff I bought when coming back to US? Probably a certain amount
  6. I'm excited to see this thread :smile: I'm going in May, just a quick question, do you think its safe to travel with a Gucci crossbody there? just found out that there is high crime on the island and it worried me a bit. Not planning on being in town except during the day time for touring and shopping. Other than that, just going to stay close to the resort. TIA
  7. I've been there several times. I wouldn't have reservations about wearing your Gucci crossbody in the shopping district or in town. You'll have a nice time. If you're not staying at the One and Only Club, then I'd encourage you to at least have a drink there (small bar). It's quite spectacular. (Bond movie Casino Royale with Daniel Craig has lots of scenes that took place there.) A free shuttle can take you there from Atlantis, or a cab.
  8. Any time I travel there, I wear my high end crossbodys without an issue.
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  9. I am not an American so I am not familiar with your tax & duty allowance is but I am assuming yes you are required to claim items purchased abroad if it exceeds your allowance limit.
  10. Thanks so much rose60610 and willstarveforlv!
  11. If you're staying on the resort it's fine. Outside of the resort is definitely sketchy.
  12. Thanks all. I can’t wait to get there!!
  13. Have a great trip husky lady :smile:
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  14. Forgive me for resurrecting such an old thread but was wondering how shopping here works. I’m currently staying in Nassau and was considering getting a Gucci purse here (if it’s cheaper than buying it in Toronto). Is the difference substantial?