Gucci in nylon? Your thoughts....

  1. I saw the other day in the Gucci store that they have brought out several of their bags now in coated nylon. From a distance it looks like patent but it is nylon. I asked the SA how waterproof this was and she said it would be great for the winter....hmmmm. I kind of liked them but I am not sure. Just curious on what everyone else thinks?
  2. I haven't seen that bag in particular but living in a city like makes sense. Even though I'm not a big fan of nylon I could definitely see it's value if the style is nice.

  3. I cant wait to see them.
  4. I actually saw 2 of them in the outlets. They were pretty cute, the ones I saw were monogram with the GG but you can barely tell since they were black. They almost kinda remind me of the nylon prada bags but the gucci nylon has a different texture.
  5. anyone got any pics?
  6. i think youre talking about gg plus

    and the original poster is talking ab0out gucci crystal!!

    gucci crystal is SO cute and i believe its guccis take on patent leather thats oh so hot right now...vs gg plus have been out forever and is mostly for their travel and mens line
  7. Hi Gucci lovers. I am debating a Gucci tote purchase and have read through many posts: is Plus better than crystal? Seems like some feedback that the crystal will peel at the corners? Leather is out of the question, I just can't carry that heavy a bag anymore, even Balenciaga chevre. I have been carrying a Damier Ebene Neverfull but every college girl on campus seems to have one now :sad: