Gucci Horsebit Hobo

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  1. Hi!
    I live in Canada.
    I haven't been into Gucci for a while and do not have the time to go in right now. Are they still carrying the Horsebit hobo in the classic monogram canvas? (I think this is the purse without the zipper and closes by folding the flaps)
    If they are still selling it, how much is it going for?
  2. Did you check
  3. I haven't been in a Gucci boutique since last year, but I remember seeing it then, and I do recall last year seeing it on under the Gucci classics. I hope it is still being made, I have the tan leather one, it's an excellent bag!
  4. i did check! i can't find it!!
  5. This is so funny- I have also been looking for this bag and did not see it on Gucci's website(looked today!). Neiman Marcus no longer carries it and I cannot find it anywhere else- any help appreciated!!

  6. Not sure this is the bag you're looking for but it was posted in another thread. Here's the link

    Its on sale too.
  7. I saw it in NY at the 5th Ave. store in Black and it was on sale for $970. You can call and they will ship it to you. I do it all the time.
  8. amazing - thank you so much for the help!
  9. This particular style is no longer being sold. I e-mailed Gucci and they said it's being discontinued. If you see it on sale at Neiman, don't buy it. I paid $675 and when I received it, it was a FAKE! Fed-ex is picking it up on Wednesday. The vendor that sold it to Neiman sold them fakes, so be careful in future.
  10. Hello Jessevinet! I am just wondering if you get one? I have posted one looking for this kind of gucci and no luck!
  11. Did you get it? It was on sale when Gucci had their sale back in November. I am looking for the same bag as you. What color are you looking to get it in?