Gucci for my Mom!

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  1. Hey all,

    I recently went purse shopping with my Mom (SO fun) and after looking at several designers her eyes lit up with this one (in brown, not the ivory actually):

    As you can imagine, it's heaven on your shoulder :wlae: .

    Any other Gucci ideas for my Mom (60-something, retired, classic/tailored taste with not too much adornment, prefers browns/camels/neutrals) in a shoulder bag/possibly hobo style? She's earned something fabulous and I'm still trying to convince her to give this a shot (my Dad wouldn't blink an eye at the price).

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. Im not sure if its just my computer but I can't see your pic:sad:
  3. Ah, good catch! Alas, the NM site is down at this time, so...

    here it is from the website, in the actual brown we saw! Hmm, actually the one we saw might have been one size downward. Either way, it's the basic idea. Hope this shows up. Isn't this a versatile yet fabulous hobo? I'm trying to convince Mom of the same...
  4. your mom should go for it. i personally love hobos myself. i am just in my early 30's but find the shape (slouchy) very flattering to the body. hope she buys it!:yes: