Gucci Fires John Ray; Gives Giannini Full Creative Powers

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  1. Fashion Wire Daily - Paris - The heads continue to roll at Gucci.

    The Italian luxury brand announced Tuesday morning that the Creative Director of Men's Ready to Wear, John Ray, has resigned from the house.

    Frida Giannini will take over the creative control of Gucci's men's division, meaning that the young Roman lady will now be sole Creative Director for the Gucci brand.

    This men's wear appointment caps a remarkable ascent by Giannini, who was initially made the boss of the Gucci’s accessories division, when the house appointed a triumvirate of hers, Ray and Alessandra Facchinetti, back in March 2004 to run the creative department of Gucci, following the dismissal of Tom Ford. She already gobbled up Facchinetti's position last summer, now she has Ray's too.

    In a word, Frida Giannini is the new Tom Ford.

    Ray's departure comes just ten days after Ray presented his Fall/Winter Men's 2006-2007 collection for the house in Milan. His Scottish influenced collection got, at best, mixed reviews. Moreover, there had been persistent recent reports that the men's collection was not moving on the sales floor.

    In the press release, Gucci CEO and President Mark Lee in a statement thanked "John for his important contribution to the success of the Gucci Men's Ready to Wear category over the past 10 years, respecting his decision and wishing him great continued success in his future."

    Lee added that Giannini "will assume the creative responsibilities for Men's Ready to Wear, in addition to her existing creative responsibilities, thereby becoming the sole Creative Director for the Gucci brand."

    Though Ray's departure was presented as a resignation, most people will see it as the latest example of Gucci Group boss Robert Polet's ambitious growth goals. I.e. if you don't hit the numbers your job is up for discussion.

    And if you doubt that, just ask John or Alessandra
  2. Well, I really loved the work of Alessandra for Gucci, but I can't say the same for Frida's work (apart from the accessories, quite cute as usual). Look at the latest collection, for example: the floral evening dresses are awesome, but the striped polo shirts...Come on, this is Gucci, not Tommy Hilfiger!

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  3. when tom ford went away, gucci died.
  4. great, now the men's collection will go down the drain as well.
  5. I hate to admit it, but I totally agree! I love my Tom Ford Gucci Bags- and would never part with them- especially after seeing the latest collections from Gucci. Although there are a couple of gorgeous bags- they really need to revamp their line!
  6. tom ford is going to launch his own clothes line, keep an eye :amuse:
    i adore him, my dream is to have galliano and tom gettig married and then be adopted by them :love: