Gucci Cruise Info

  1. MY GUCCI SA just emailed me that she got cruise shoes in and some bags..The new BRITT cruise totes are DUE in THIS WEEK!WOOHOO!

    The logo tote with the BRITT "GG'S" on the corner are expected this week as well..they are only 600ish too...ME LIKEY!!LOL!Comes in white trim and dark brown leather trim
    Just a heads up!
  2. Oh I love that one! I saw it in the lookbook. My SA has special ordered the Boston bag Britt in every style and color for me. I can't wait to get it.
  3. eeek spring collection already?
  4. I usually love cruise collection items...yay!
  5. any pics??
    hmm i want to get a new gucci..its been a whilee
  6. OK!!!!!!!!!!

    GUCCI in AC NJ just got the Britt tote in today for 630!!GO GET ONE!!!LOL!
    I use Andrea
  7. dying to see pic's :biggrin:
  8. Great news!

  9. I saw it :love:!! Almost bought it as well.... but didn't :crybaby:
  10. the cruise collection is online and it is gorgeous....check it out at Gucci
  11. OMG.. I am drooling over the Silver Britt Bag...
  12. I looked online, looks like $630 is for the small tote, and $695 is for the big tote.
  13. :wtf: OMG, I just saw the Cruise collection online yesterday & literally thought I was going to drool all over my keyboard! There's SO many bags I love!!
  14. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Here are two of the totes from the cruise collection that I am liking. They're both almost $2000 at NM.