Gucci at Heathrow Airport

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  1. Hate to ask! But I was wondering what the price of the two bags were? I was trying to find the cheapest way to buy gucci in the UK. Also, were there any Black soho discos when you bought your red one? Or was there limited stock/colours?
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    The tian padlock was 770 gbp and soho disco was around 520 or 540 gbp (I forgot!). I think Heathrow airport is the cheapest place to buy gucci in the UK, because all bags are tax free! (16%-20% vat free). And there were black, tan and red soho disco when I bought mine. You can email the heathrow shopping service (go to their website: ask the availabilty of the bag that you are interested to buy and if they have it, they can reserve 3 days prior to your departure. They replied my email within 24 hours. Hope this help! =)
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  3. Trifecta of goodies!! Well done!
  4. Has anyone had any experience with shopping at the store at T3, can you contact the store directly to enquiry about stock or are you best enquiring through the Heathrow personal shopper system?
  5. I contacted them through this email and enquiried about a few items on my wishlist and they replied letting me know whether they were available within 24 hours. It’s best to ask them 1/2 days before flying so they can reserve it for you.
  6. I usually contact the store directly and they can check stock/reserve items for you 24 hours beforehand. I've had good experiences at Gucci in both T3 and T5.
  7. If you’re contacting the Gucci stores at Heathrow, are they able to order an item in for you if they don’t have it in stock?
  8. If you call them they can confirm if they have the one you're after and hold it for you if it's a couple of days before. I flew threw T3 last month and their store was currently being remodelled so they had a smaller pop up store there for the time being. I managed to nab my soho disco though by calling to make sure they could hold one for me.
  9. I emailed them via the shopping service 24hrs before with items I wanted to purchase, and they contacted gucci who reserved my items for me to collect the following day. They messaged me back the same day with confirmation. Very quick. Or else you can also call them. The numbers are on the heathrow website for whatever terminal you are travelling to.
  10. Does anyone know if they sell men’s shoes in the t3 store
  11. Hi all,
    I'm heading to London and from there I'm heading to Amsterdam. The last time I was at Heathrow duty free the prices for Gucci felt like it was cheaper than the stores in London so I was hoping to pick up something there this time around. HOWEVER, I'm going to Amsterdam after London. From Amsterdam I'm heading home to SFO. The question is, will Heathrow allow me to buy duty free? I'm not part of the EU in anyway but since I'm heading to an EU country this may make it tricky?
    Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi, Gucci at Heathrow allows you to buy at tax free prices wherever you are flying. You don’t have to be flying out of the EU to get the discount. Happy shopping!
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  13. How much is a soho disco now at Heathrow without VAT? Flying from Heathrow to the states.
  14. I'll be flying from NYC to Heathrow in June. Does anyone know how much I'd be saving? With exchange rate, am I still paying GBP or USD? Thanks!