Gucci 85th Collection - If you are fortunate to have one - post it here

  1. Gucci 85th Collection - If you are fortunate to have one - post it here! I would love to seem them":rolleyes:
  2. i don't have one but here's cameron's. :smile:

  3. Ugh, I want one so bad, especially the brown and yellow one.
  4. I want one too. I told my hubby to get it for me for Christmas. I think he may. So excited. :smile:
  5. I purchased a rusty medium 85th boston bag almost a month ago & i Love it!! It's hot! I did however, after examining it thouroghly & comparing it to pics on the internet notice a minor difference in the detailing. I even went to Gucci to see if any other bags in the store were like mine but they weren't. Seems as though i got myself a "one of a kind" or a dud! I don't know what to do!? :shrugs: Is it possible that it could end being worthless as a collectors item bc of this or worth more?!?! What do you guys think? I've included pics below! My attempted explanation is also below! lol

    Pic from Net

    Now here are pictures of my 85th! I don't know how to explain the differences but look at the FRONT of the bag in the pic above & notice the "little band" by the gold hardware that go around the strap that extends to the back of the handbag THEN look at the front of my handbag & notice that i don't have those straps there! My "little bands" are on the back. But on the pic above, the back of the handbag doesn't have any! So, it's looks like they just reversed it!

    Your input would be greatly appreciated!!!
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