Gucci 85th Anniversary Boston bag in Red Guccissima,Medium or large

  1. My SA has found both for me, which one is better in size? I am afraid the medium one is not big enough and am also worried abot large one will be too slouchy.
    Any owner can give me some inputs? thanks a bunch!:P
  2. The large one is absolutely stunning!! I would love to have that bag!
  3. Do you have pics? I would love to see which ones you're talking about!
  4. Anyone?:sad:
  5. hi chloe_concord, is this what you are talking about?



    i saw the medium one in person and i like it much more than the big one because i am petite (5'2"). the leather is sooooooooo beautiful. i think that it really depends on how much you intend to carry with you when you use the bag!

    HTH :smile:
  6. I think it depends on your height, obviously if you are kinda small like me (5'4) the large is going to look too overpowering, and I know I wouldn't want to be lugging it around all day if its too large. But if your tall its going to looks stunning!
    I get what you mean about it being too slouchy as I hate saggy bags, IMO they just looks shabby and worn. But I don't think the Gucci will sag that much, say for example like a LV Speedy 35.
    Another factor is if you like your bags large? I know lots of people who love oversized bags!
    Overall I think I would go for the medium! I think its the perfect size, and will look forever gorgeous!
    Good Luck and let me know what you deceide on!
  7. I vote for the medium too. I like how it looks more proportionate (ie. the hardware with the leather on the bag).

    and I feel that the medium looks more like a bag/purse while the large looks big enough it could double as an overnight/gym bag. (fancy one at that.. lol..)

    but that's just my personal opinion. If you have a preference for large oversized bags then obviously the large.. although I think what throws me off is that the base is quite wide (big depth?) so carrying the large may be clumsy... like it'll prop your arm out so you it's almost like you have to raise your arm in order to fit the bag under it.. although.. i guess the straps aren't really long enough to haul it on your shoulder.

    Another thing is that... I find the bigger the bag.. the more stuff I manage to put into it so I try to stick with medium sized bags otherwise I feel like I'm weight training trying to lug a heavy bag around all day!

    oh and I think the medium size makes it look "daintier" or whatever (sorry can't think of a better word) but my point or what I'm trying to say is that it looks more fancy so it can also be used for a night out.. say dinner at a nice restaurant.
  8. Thanks gals. Just ordered the meium one! Although I am a big bag gal,but your guys are right, the medium one can be used at night out while large one will be to luggagish in resturant and club. Ohh lalala

    thanks guys. You are the best!:yahoo::jammin::wlae:
  9. You're going to LOVE the medium!! It's actually quite big!

    KathyD and I fondled that beauty at NM a few weeks ago, it's quite roomy IRL.

    The strap is adjustable to be carried on you shoulder or arm. . . it's a REALLY great bag!
  10. Congrats on ordering the medium!! I'm so happy for you...that's SUCH a beautiful's my favourite of the Fall 2006 line!!!
  11. congratulations! it's a beautiful bag. :smile:
  12. congrats! show us the pic when you get your bag!