Gucci 1973 and Firenze 1921

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  1. Hi, there peeps! I was just wondering whether the Gucci 1973 collection is limited edition and whether i should get this bag or not? My guy friend wants to get this color or black. Do you think its fine?

    i also want to know whether this Firenze 1921 crocodile wallet is a good item to collect? Also this bag. I am also thinking about the New Jackie from the 1921 collection. My guy friend wants to get the new Jackie too. What color would be appropriate for him? :smile:

  2. I don't think the 1970 is le
  3. It most likely will lose its value but it is a nice wallet

    But for thejackie it is not for a guy
  4. All Gucci pieces are LE in some respect because when they're gone they're gone

    1973 in Winter Leaf or Black nice for a guy, metallic olive-brown can be for guys too. it's very hard to find a black now though. If it's a choice between the 1921 'Firenze 1921' I think he'll get more everyday use from the 1973.

    A plain black original Jackie with the convertible strap made long would be fine. It will just look like a small messenger on one shoulder. I guess he could take the tassels off a New Large Jackie, I think I would have to see, it's not something I can just imagine.

    I have a Gucci zip-round, brown, crocodile wallet (I have one of their brown croc zip-round cardholders too) I've had it 2 years and I've carried everyday (unless I use my fancy Gucci Boule python, which is more delicate as a clutch or my Hermes wallet in Summer bags) but I keep it in a little dustbag the SA found for me. It was matte when I first bought it but now it has a nice sheen, having such a stunning stealth piece makes me appreciate how having the best can just make everyday living a little bit nicer.
  5. Oh...
  6. Haha...guess it'll depend on the person
  7. Hahaha...I agree...I saw that black 1973 on Angeline Jolie and it looks fab! The Jackie is ok imo because its a long strap and taking the tassles off the new jackie will definitely look good...the crocodile wallet is a whole new matter though
  8. Agreed, Madonna has/had one too

    I have 2 1973 bags as you prob know. Classic, you can't go wrong, my only regret not having 3 :P.