gst w/ silver

  1. not sure if anyone's on the wait list at Saks nyc for this bag, they received about 5 last week, which was all sold out, but the SA said they will be getting another shipment anytime now and it should be quite a few. if you want one, maybe you could call and inquire about their wait list
  2. oh forgot to mention, should ask for joseph, that man is a miracle worker
  3. Yes Im very interested in getting the black GST with silver hardware I will call them and see if they have it. Do you have their number? and thanks for the info!! :yes:
  4. i tried calling joseph a few times today but the other SA's kept telling me he was busy, so I asked them of the GST s/h was available and they rudely told me no! Any advice? Should I keep trying to call Joseph? I've called over 10 Saks and everyone keeps telling me none are available =(
  5. i think right now, since last thursday was the EGC event, it is probably sold out at all saks...and yes, it is hard to get a hold of him, and could get frustrating, when i first started dealing w/ him, i almost gave up on him too, but once you do get a hold of him, he's great to work w/

    i do have his cellphone number, but not with me right now, will have to post it on monday, or maybe one of the other girls who knows it can post it...also, i will likely be speaking to him on monday, i will ask him to put aside 1 for me when it comes in so that one of the pfers can get it...hope that helps.

  6. just as a note: i wouldn't post anyone's cell number unless they gave the ok. i think someone posted his cell number before and i didn't realize that was his cell and called and it was a little odd. i think the store number is fine but the cell seems a little personal. unless he gives it out to everyone, then don't mind me.

    i used to be a fan of joeseph but not really anymore. but pauline in the same saks is amazing. if you can't get him- try her!
  7. oh i didn't know about the posting callphone#thing , since i've seen it posted a few times before i thought it was "common practice" but that's okay, when i speak w/ joseph i will just mention it to him, luxegirl, i'm determined to get you your GST w/ silver if you r unable to locate one
  8. i wasn't trying to be mean i just know when i called it it felt awkward, kwim? you're so sweet to help her find the bag!
  9. oh no no not at all, i didn't think you were being mean, i am not too familiar w/ all the rules and common practice of the purse forum yet and i'm glad you pointd it out
  10. I just called Saks NY and put my name down for a black GST with silver hardware. I hope it doesn't take too long to get one lol. I keep hearing that this bag is very hard to find!
  11. aww thank you irene! you are too sweet! i pm'd you :yes:
  12. i put my name on the list for the GST 3 weeks ago with Joseph and i tried calling him last week, of course he was busy and i left my number. still nothing. He told me i was the second one on the list. if that was a lie, thats so evil. i even gave him my cc number. i'm going to try and call again today.
  13. call. i'm curous to know what happens.
  14. When I called them, a man with an accent picked up and I forgot to ask him his name I only left my name and phone number. If I don't get a response in 2 or 3 weeks then im calling them back or ill call another Saks in a different state. But I hope you get your bag soon!
  15. Finally, i was able to talk to him. He said only 2 came in and were already sold. Then again he did tell me i was the 2nd one on the list but i didnt get one. He also said there are more coming in soon, didnt say when and how many. I'm getting tired of waiting. I will start calling other SAKS out of state to see if they have it. Let me know if you have any luck.