GST - Still Available In Brown?

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  1. Once again, I'm late in deciding I absolutely MUST have something! The GST in that gorgeous dark brown colour with silver hardware. Is it still readily available? I called Holts and it didn't sound like she could track down the brown, and was checking to see if the new washed caviar GST might come in brown. I just read another thread though and it sounds like it's not.

    I found one on eBay but it's BIN for $2099 and the price of the GST is $2050 in Canada. So I'd be paying more BUT if it's hard to find now, maybe that would be worth it.

    What are your thoughts? Try to eBay route and pay a bit more if it's extremely hard to find now OR maybe there's a possibility of Chanel releasing dark brown again?

    Of course, now that I have it in my head, I'm OBSESSED with it. :smile:
  2. Try the Neiman Marcus in Las Vegas, I called there on Jan. 1, and she said they had one in stock. I didn't get it cause I was initially looking for a Bordeax GST, but I couldn't find one, so I ended up getting the choc. brown one from Saks in Boca Raton (there was no tax). Hopefully they still have it in Vegas, the price is $2125 + tax...the phone number is (702) 731-3636. good luck:yes:
  3. Thanks! I ended up finding one an authentic one on Ebay that I did a BIN for $2099. Can't wait for it to get it!

    Hopefully if someone else happens to be looking for one, they can track it down via your source. :smile:
  4. Ur welcome...Can't wait for mine either...It's supposed to come today, been looking out my window every 5 sec. for the fedex man:lol: