GST owners: Do you use your GST for going out at night?

  1. Hi Chanel Ladies! I'm just wondering how many of you take your GST when you go out at night. Hiedi from the Hills was shown taking her GST out at night to LA hot spots such as la Deux and Area on the show. Does gold vs. silver hardware dress it up or down? Just curious about everyone's thoughts!
  2. I use mine as my everyday purse, usually when I go out I want to take something smaller. I usually end up with my Damier pochette for the bare essentials or my Fendi mini chef for camera and such.
  3. Oh I plan on taking mine out. I wouldn't take it dancing etc because it's too large but other then that for sure!
  4. No, I prefer using smaller bags for going out, especially if dressed up.
  5. i've taken mine out once or twice
  6. I had one of my GSTs (beige) out for brunch on Sunday in Pasadena at the Twin Palms.....pulled up its own chair for it to sit in, so no I don't think I would take it out at night. Too big, rather have something smaller and completely closed - to make sure other people's fingers stay out of the bag.....esp. in a darkened club.;)

    It all depends on what you are wearing but I think the silver hardware is more hip and casual ....while the gold is more dressy and classic.
  7. When I go out to dinner I don't mind taking my cabas, but usually i take my black Gucci clutch since it's smaller and a little more chic for night time.

    Clubbing, I definitely leave my bag at home. I just bring my Chanel clutch which can fit my cell phone and camera in it. I don't like dancing with a bag as it gets in the way.
  8. I don't own that bag, but I like larger bags in general and frankly, yes, I take them out at night. The only time I won't is when it's black tie/cocktail but anything is, I think it's fine.
  9. my friend use to take her out, but not anymore. its to large to carry out to bars and clubs and stuff.
  10. I agree it wouldn't be the best bag to take dancing...
  11. Unless you are going to some body slam dancing club then a GST is killer to be swinging around...hehehe.:p
  12. ^ Haha!
  13. Well, I don't have a night life but if I did my GST would not be accompanying me out on the town. It is boxy and awkward, but useful for bopping off obnoxious men who may hit on you.
  14. Nights out to me = classic flap, clutch, E/W, or a pochette... I don't think GST when I think club, dinner, etc. :smile:
  15. girsl with the GST, i know this is a lil off topic but what is the serial number? THANKS! :biggrin: