GST in the RAIN?

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  1. Since its been quite rainy recently, I'm curious if anyone uses their Chanel Caviar GST in the rain? :P

    Since caviar leather is still leather, should I avoid getting water on the bag?
    Or do you pre-treat the bag with water/stain repellent beforehand?

    Please let me know what your thoughts are! Thanks. :smile:
  2. I would never bring my gst out (or any chanel) knowing that it will rain :sad: too risky for a pricy bag!
  3. I have taken my black caviar and black lambi on ( light) rain - drizzle like rain but I would probably not let it get wet in heavy rain fall. My bags have dried out fine, I just wiped them with paper towel. Since color is black no water stain :smile:
    P.s I think there were few threads about Chanel and rain, hope you find them.
  4. #4 Feb 8, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2014
    I spray my GST in and out (both the caviar leather & the fabric lining) with Collonil Waterstop spray and I carry it out rain or shine. LOL. Collonil Waterstop spray has water and UV protection.
  5. I do like how black doesn't show stains. :smile:
  6. Yes! I carried my GST yesterday in the rain. Not worried at all =)