GST in Hongkong? help please...

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  1. Hi planning to go to Hongkong soon..anybody has any idea about which shop have the GST model? and how much do they sell it in Hongkong?

    How much the chanel collection in Hongkong? What hey currently have?

    thx a lot guysss :smile:
  2. I just got back from hongkong, GST is about 14,500HKD they had it at all the chanel shops, even at the airport (departure area, past customs in terminal1)
  3. Just wondering. Can we visit the Chanel boutique at the airport when we just arrive HK? Can we access from the arrival floor to the departure area within the T1? before we go through the customs? I'll have lots of time to spend around the airport. My flight will land 4hrs. before my DH flight. TIA!;)
  4. thxx guyssss...

    but im wondering do they have bordeaux or seasonal color in GST? or just basic color like black , beige and white?
  5. You will have to pass customs area for departure...its in the departure area itself past customs, near the gates....
  6. sorry, didnt ask since i wasnt buying...but at the airport i only saw black & beige. But the other stores around HK might have other colors.
  7. ok thx a lot rica.....;)