GST classic ligne, is price going up

  1. Hi I was going to buy the GST this month, but then I fell in love with a Balenciaga bag and really want to get it. So I was going to hold off getting the GST until mid November, but I am worried incase it goes up by another £200/$400+. I hope someone can help, tia x
  2. I heard it will be about $2200 when the new price takes in effect.
  3. Yes it is considered a classic and going up in November.

  4. Wow...makes my four GSTs look like bargains (even though I bought them at various stages in the ever growing prices increases)....I really dislike these increases.

    Good luck on your decision.
  5. Hmm, I was hoping to get a navy GST but I guess not before the Nov price increase. I think I'll stick to eBay for my classics and buy retail when it's an exciting new color. At this rate, my annual Chanel budget will only get me 2-3 purses!
  6. ^^ I agree! I may only get 2 a year.
  7. I think I will have to get the GST even though I really want the Balenciga bag! That means in under a year the GST will have gone up by £400/ $800 + this is crazy!