GST but with no leather shoulder strip on the chain???

  1. I saw a pic of Nicole Richie carrying this. It's a small pic in the mag n hard to scan.

    Is this a new version of the GST?
  2. i believe that bag is vintage. someone has asked about it earlier if i am not mistaken.
  3. there's a vintage one, but there's also one called the Timeless Classic Tote.
    Do a search for that, there's been recent discussions about it, also, there's a photo in the Reference Library in the Classic Chanel pieces thread.
  4. Is this the bag you're talking about?

  5. Oh I love the bag in the pic - is that one vintage?
  6. that bag is gorgeous! is it vintage? or can people still get it?
  7. I recently found out, the chains are detachable from the slots on the bag isn't it? then the shoulder pads can be removed? correct me if I'm wrong.. I'm actually tempted to buy one if so! (hate the shoulder things)
  8. Me too, like it much better without the shoulder pads. Are there any SAs who can tell us for sure.
  9. o wow, that is soo cute. i didnt know the GST can be transformed.. i love that bag in the pic, but the straps look too short to pull over my shoulders :push:
  10. sooo aodrable! someone should definitely pick it up!! too bad i'm waiting for a GST, otherwise it'll be mine!!!
  11. sorry for the gross misinformation. I checked the resource library pics and all the shopping tote straps have that shoulder strip ATTACHED to the chains midway. There is no way of removing it without denying yourself of a handle.

    I got the impression from surfing eBay. Someone took a pic with the straps unattached from the slots of the bag. But if I recall correctly now, it was probably a vintage tote in which full length chains went through shoulder pads. Those are probably removable (or at least the pads can be cut away). I really like the eBay bag posted above, but I don't dig patent. :sad:
  12. What do you look for on the back of the card, a serial #? good point!!
  13. it just me or does something in those auction pictures look a bit off? The lambskin just looks way too shiny for some reason (and esp. so for a used bag) -- does anyone else get this vibe?