Gryson-Olivia or Jasper?

  1. I am looking for a nice bag that I could sometimes use as a carry-on for travel. Would the Olivia hold a small laptop, or would I need to go up in size to the Jasper? I also cant decide between the flat and woven leathers- does the woven hold up as well? Which looks nicer and is more versatile?
    Are these a good choice for a big purse/carry-on or is something like a RM MA better?
    I cant see any of them in person!
  2. I'm not sure either would hold a small laptop. I know the Jasper wouldn't. It really only has like an 8" height although it's very long (22 inches). I have the Skye but not the Olivia. Maybe someone can help you with the sizing of the Olivia. I have Woven and Regular leather Grysons. I have to say for everyday use a regular leather may be better. It's very durable. I have never had any problems with my Woven but I would fear the woven strips may not take stretching well or pay pull apart from the seams or such. Or get snagged on something. My Chocolate Skye is a workhorse bag. You can't ruin that leather for anything but I use my Woven Skye for a more trendier look. I had the Jasper but sold it because I have a herniated disc and the bag is quite heavy even empty. I can't imagine putting the weight of a laptop in it. If you don't have a herniated disc you soon would.
  3. I have Olivia and would not put a laptop in there. I don't think the straps could take that kind of pressure and it would def look out of shape if you did that.