Grr.. carrying my Speedy vs. rude clerks

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  1. So, I posted last week that I got my first LV, a beautiful Speedy 30 in Mono. I love it.

    I had to run a few errands today and since it is sunny out, decided to go ahead and carry it. I went to Books A Million, my other big obsession being books, to see if they had a few books that I've been waiting on. I've always had GREAT service in there, the cashiers are generally friendly and joke around with me (I often buy 10-15 books at a time). Today, though.. the cashier looked at my bag and sniffed at me! She was short, but not quite nasty-rude. She huffed her way through our transaction! She was not nasty enough for me to demand a manager, at any rate, although I'm considering calling in a complaint anyways.

    Do y'all have to deal with this? Normally nice cashiers being nasty due to the BAG I'm carrying?
  2. why do you think it has anything to do w/ your bag?
    Maybe she glanced at it, but her curt behavior was unrelated{?}
  3. Maybe she was just having a bad day. I realy don't think I've gotten bad service for carrying an LV.
  4. I don't really know, I guess. And I suppose it sounds kinda egotistical that I think it's because of the bag. But I've had great service with her before and she was polite and nice to the people in front of me.
  5. probably just jealous.
  6. That's exactly what I was thinking.
  7. She could have been tired. It's a book store after all. I bet you wish she could buy that many books have time to relax and read. I don't think she was being snippy towards your bag. JMO
  8. I'm probably just overreacting. Maybe she was over due for her break or something. I get kinda sensitive to that kind of thing sometimes - like I said, she's usually really nice and funny.
  9. I agree with everyone here, why do you think it had anything to do with your bag? maybe you are being a little self conscious? if I'm dealing with a clerk I am familiar with and joke around with I think I might have to just plain out ask them if they are okay?
  10. i suppose its a little different but if i ever have a customer come to me with a real louis then i automatically strike up bag talk with them! one woman didnt have a clue really her sister had bought it for her as a christmas present!
  11. It prob didnt have anything to do w/ your bag and had more to do w/ her just having a bad day or feeling tired. I work at at retail pharmacy and I am usually cheerful and joke around w/ customers, but sometimes I may be short w/ them if I am really busy or stressed out about something going on at work.

    You were probably a lot more conscious of the bag than she was. To you (and all of us other LV lovers) its a big deal to be carrying such a nice bag and a lot of us save for a long time to purchase one. To a non-LV fan though, she proably didn't even notice it, or if she did, may not have even known how much it cost (so many real and fake LVs out there..)

    dont worry about it..enjoy your bag and your books and hopefully next time you go to the bookstore she will be a little more friendly. :smile:

  12. That what I was thinking..I know it's your first bag and you love it very much. Trust me the rest of other people out there don't care less about your bag (personal experience)

    May be she had bad day, nothing against you for carrying LV, for all she knows may she thought you carry fake LV anyway..

    Some people just plain mean and rude..
  13. if you don't have any proof, I don't think you should make a complaint. (eg. if her grandfather passed away, that might definitely cause her to be more agitated) Usually the manager will indeed ask you SPECIFICALLY what their employee did. If she had said something rude/descriminating, then that's a diff story. However if it's just her attitude, then lots of employees do this.
  14. Congrats on your bag! :yahoo:

    It is possible the attitude wasn't related to the bag. Like others said, just a bad day maybe? :shrugs:

    If it was related, just ignore it. You'll encounter some jealous people that have nothing better to do than hate on someone else.
  15. Sounds like she has one of her books stuck up her a** maybe?:shrugs: