grove city?

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  1. I plan on going out to grove city tomorrow and wanted to know if anyone has been there recently?
  2. I was actually just there today! However, I didn't see much of anything exciting there, at least not for me. They had a lot of last year's Hamptons Patchwork stuff in all kinds of styles and the same for last year's Watercolor Stripe. There was also a lot of different bags in either last year's or the year before's Scribble pattern. I did see one Leigh in Whiskey, and several different ergos in the clearance section. There were some leather Bleeker small flaps in clearance too - I remember seeing brown and black. There was also a ton of mini-signature stuff all over the place (and I'm not too crazy about mini-signature!). And there were a lot of varieties of the Hamptons leather hobos. And lots of different swingpacks. I was hoping to find some of last year's Holiday Patchwork bags, as some folks here had mentioned seeing them at their outlets, but there was none at Grove City. No Carlys, either. Hopefully you'll have better luck than I did!

    That's all I can remember off the top of my head, but if you ask me about a specific item, I will be able to tell you if I saw it there or not.

    P.S. Ranskimmie's post just reminded me - I did see this very bag there, along with an assortment of other gallery totes.
  3. Im headed up there now...I have to return my fall patchwork pouch and chelsea optic pouch...they have been sitting in their boxes since I got them and I got the Fall pathwork carly, so no need for them! lol I do want to get a matching wallet for my black gunmetal tote and a matching wallet for my patchork carly. and maybe some new charms. Do you remember seeing any of those?

    Thanks so much!

    Let me know next time you go to grove city! we can car pool or something!! lol
  4. Definitely!

    Can't wait to hear if you had any luck there today - let us know what you find!
  5. just left...had to be at slippery rock at 2 for sils award ceremony...i saw nothing...but I did find one mine skinny blk gunmtl to match my tote buried under some pouches on the bottom shelf!!! I also got two monkey keychains one for me and one for my daughters teacher for her last day.

    but I left only spending $50
  6. You did a little better than me! I wonder how often the outlets change their floors - are they on the same schedule as the boutiques? I'd like to go up there again sometime soon, but not until I know that they've at least changed the current floor...
  7. I was there about 2 weeks ago and they had the same things that u stated above.

    I came out with very little myself. A wallet and a wristlet.
  8. Im going in the middle of july, any recomendations on day/time that is best to go, I think I am going to be picking up a swingpack,
  9. I'm not sure how far grove city is for you, but coach outlet is opening in washington on aug. 29th!
  10. I would love to go up and carpool with any of you. I am from Peters, not too far from you girls :smile: Anything for wallets?
  11. I live in scott twp, washington, is about a half hour, grove city is prob 45min to an hour, havent been there in years...but I wanna check out some other outlets not just coach, also WHERE in washington is the new outlet going to be?
  12. leenie, PM wont let me do it!
  13. Right off of racetrack rd, past the meadows racing and casino's,

    Supposed to open up on August 29th!!!! :yahoo: I can't wait!!! So much closer than driving up to Grove City :smile:
  14. wendy found out were the new outlet is, much closer then grove city, Im still going to grove city, the week im on vaca in july though, my birthday present this year is a swingpack, cant wait!
  15. anyone been this week? do they have legacy stuff? or any of the hamptons vintage leather? thanks! :smile: