Group Photo

  1. 04 Eggplant First, 04 Khaki First and 06 Ink First

    Now you can see what I am struggling with...which to keep, which to sell....agghhhh

  2. oh gorgeous bags Lori!!!:love: can you just keep all of them?
  3. I could keep two of them and still feel okay with myself. But I don't think I should keep all 3 when my savings acct. is empty. I really love the khaki but I have never been a green bag kind of person and kind of got it as an experiment. The leather on it is just so good though.
  4. Your bags are gorgeous!:heart: In that case, I would definitely keep the Ink and Eggplant. :yes:
  5. Oh Lori, now I know exactly what you are talking about. They are beautiful!! Eeks, what a decision! I would have to agree with the khaki; as much as I like it, your eggplant and ink are to die for!
  6. well... the eggplant will get the most $$, as its a very coveted color- but its also going to be very difficult to let go...

    ink's the most recent color so it would be easiest to replace later. and there arent many khakis are floating about and the color is awesome, but you dont seem to be in LOVE, so maybe thats the best bet- but no guarantees on it fetching a high price- its not one of the most popular colors, but maybe thats just because it isnt common. (I think that of the 04s, lilac, rose, eggplant, seafoam and turquoise are probably the most popular, but not neccesarily the most rare)
  7. 0o0o0o i love group photos!!! if it was me i'd keep the eggplant and the ink... i've never been a real fan of green - unless its pretty dark green! good luck on what you decide!
  8. All three bags are just beautiful :love: . It sounds like you truly love the ink and eggplant so I would sacrifice the khaki. If you're not truly a green person, it's better to let the bag go than keep it (and your $$$) tied up in a bag you won't really use.

    G/'s hard to let them go sometimes :sad:
  9. I would keep the ink and the eggplant and part with the khaki. Someone mentioned that the ink might be easier to replace, however, the leather on the ink bags varied so much that if you have a good one, you might want to keep it.

    Also, which bag goes best with your wardrobe? You may want to make your decision based on which bag(s) you will get the most use from.

    Good luck with your tough decision!
  10. I love the Ink and Eggplant. So I would be getting rid of the Khaki.
  11. I agree
  12. LoriB, they are all great. I'm sorry you have to choose...

    Oh ya! Your tattoo, it's beautiful, i love it. It's looks like such great artwork, too. So detailed. Congrats to you! I love, butterflies and ya it's very pretty.
  13. lorib, if you are trying to get the most bang out of your buck, so to speak, i would sell the eggplant.
    that being said, my least favorite is definitely the khaki. i would keep the eggplant and ink. though, they are kinda similar... sorry to be more confusing! :upsidedown:
  14. All three of your 'Firsts' are beautiful. :love: If you must choose one to 'let go', then since you've admitted you are not a green person, let that one go. You more than likely would have kept pulling out your ink and eggplants to wear over the khaki and so wouldn't get enough use out of it to constitute keeping it. It must be a difficult decision for you. :sad:
  15. Me, personally, I'd choose the khaki. It looks like a great bag for everyday, a color that could blend with anything, but add a nice funky edge. That'd be my choice without a doubt :P