Groom Collection Is this Possible??

  1. Check this out. Is a VIP a different color? or one a fake?
  2. it may be the flash on the other persons camera
  3. :shrugs: i think it's just the picture
  4. You know...I remember noticing that! This is interesting. I doubt they would make a seperate color. I thought VIPs just got it early....
  5. They look the same to me. I agree with Jen, I think it's a flash.
  6. i think its the flash
  7. its the flash and resolution or it could be your computer monitor setting =)
  8. I am a majortechie, all it is, is the flash, the other girls were correct! :yes:
  9. I saw one on ebay that was like a salmon (pink) color
  10. maybe its just the lightening :shrugs:
  11. It's exactly the same one, the vip has a p stamped inside, that's the only difference, some people may wants the vip one for collector. I emailed the seller stellaforstarlight and that's what she said.

    I personally don't care about the p
  12. I think it's the flash too. If you look towards the bottom of the strip it looks more orange.
  13. I agree that it's the flash/lighting of the photo taken. You can see that one pix is lighter than the other- the whole pix, not only a certain part of the pix. Perhaps one is taken with flash and one without.
  14. Absolutely the same...just the flash!:yes: