Groom Bandeau

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  1. I saw the pictures of it in this forum, and I really like it...

    but, I have some silly question:shame:
    I wonder what is it for?
    and how much is it?
  2. The bandeau is $110. I use it as a purse decoration....tie it on the handles of my speedy, etc. You can also wear it in your hair as a tie or a headband :smile:
  3. Here it is on my coach tote.

  4. Lol I just LOVE mine. I either thread it through the belt loops on my jeans or in my hair. I think I had a picture of it in my hair in the visual aids thread..or maybe that was the perfo one. Anyway, also, you can wear it around your neck and it looks adorable. I'm hoping the yellow one will be waiting for me on Christmas day hehe.
  5. i think it looks lovely as a headband.....
  6. owww thx:smile:

    im gonna get one tommorow!!i love itttt...hehe
  7. Cool! Please post piccies of you wearing it when you get it! I love LV bandeaus!:heart: Very versatile and fun to wear.:yes:
  8. Dont forget to post the pics when you get it!
    I love mine too! I usually tie it on my Mono Speedy 30!!!
  9. I love the Groom bandeau!

    But I've got a question... Groom bandeau owners, does the colour run when you wash it? :confused1:
  10. I wouldn't actually know..I've never actually washed it. I'd ask an SA what they think about it and how it should be washed, etc.
  11. thats a great deal!!!