Grey Spy 52% off, in stock!!

  1. For those of your ogling over the Grey, it's 52% off now at Jomashop! ($1099!! plus 30 day return policy!) I just called (20 minutes ago) to confirm it's availability. :wlae:

    Ready, set, SHOP!
  2. Zowie! What a deal! If my spy expenditures had not gone through the roof this week, I would grab one. Go for it TPFer!:wlae: :yahoo: :wlae:
  3. ^^^ But it was worth it, huh? I am Liz's number 1 fan!! :heart: :supacool: :love:
  4. Thanks - BTW Lizs twin is up for auction on eBay, but they are asking a bit of dough...worth it though!:nuts:

    The gray spy is an incredible only precaution is some have found the color just does not have much of a punch to it...Might ask other PFers their thoughts...:shrugs:
  5. I love it !!!
    Is this Grey is also called Taupe ???
  6. I was going to jump on it! But I've got a grey wisteria on the way.. my first spy! :heart: :heart:
  7. The color is definitely more taupe than grey
  8. That really is a terrific deal for someone!
  9. Wow, they have a gold/silver one too for about the same price! That is an amazing deal!
  10. spare me the torture
  11. Yeah I saw this bag on Jomashop and in real life. I must say it's not that WOW. If I were to get this bag I would go with mzsherry and go for the wisteria. I've seen it in this colour and it looks WAY better.
  12. That's an awesome price, too bad I can't get it, someone go for either or otherwise this will nag at my wallet
  13. Hİ

    İs jomashop autorized seller?
  14. I haven't bought from them personally (well I actually just ordered something today), but from what I have gathered in the forum, they do sell authentic items and they post internationally (yay for me!!!). I just ordered this one. It was almost 70% off. For a friend whom I will know she will absolutely love! 4 months in advance but it's a great buy!

    If I had the money and a job I would definitely get the gold spy for myself! I love the metallics and the fortuny..... This is the one I ordered today.

    I am so tempted to get another for myself.
  15. ^^^ ooo Kavnadoo, it is TDF!! My wisteria is also my first purchase (and spy!) from Jomashop. Let's post pics when they arrive! :supacool: :tender: