Grey Reissue or Grey Ritz?

  1. I really want a grey bag and like both of these. If you had to pick which one would you go for, ladies?
  2. I have the exact dilemma as you, and I chose the Ritz. Here is why. I understand the reissue has more of a lilac undertone, where the Ritz has a more blue undertone. The Ritz is more of a true grey. Also, there are some beautiful photos of the Ritz in Goldenx5's thread and I also saw some beautiful photos of the Ritz from personalshopers listing. I believe the Ritz holds more, and I loved the fact that there are three compartments. Mine is on the way, and I can send you a "user review" once it arrives if you like?

    Which size Reissue? I have a 226, and would like a 227 at some point, but I wanted something a little different. I think both bags are stunning, but I liked the idea of being able to carry a bit more, and the fact that it is a limited piece.
  3. Oh, such a tough call! I am of no use to you on this one...
  4. :roflmfao:

    tln, thanks for that! I'm not quite sure what size reissue I'd go for but I do carry a lot of junk with me so definitely need something roomy. And I do like the idea of true grey. I have seen Goldenx5's and personalshoppers' pictures, that's how I ended up with this dilemma in the first place :biggrin:

    Congrats on your new Ritz, btw! Which size did you go for?
  5. I did the small. Aren't the photos beautiful? If you like to carry quite a bit of stuff, you might look at the 227 or 228. I know that the 226 does limit what you carry a little (or at least it does for me). But, there are pockets and places to tuck things, which is nice.

    I sent you the link to ps's pics, and then realized that you had seen them! :shame:
  6. I'd go w/ the Ritz for me personally, doesn't it hold a wee bit more?
  7. Thanks everyone. I'm just waiting for a SA to ring me back and tell me more about the Ritz :nuts:
  8. For an everyday bag, I would definitely choose the grey Ritz over the Grey 2005 Reissue. I wanted (would still like if I could ever find one in-store & in perfect shape) the grey 2005 Anniversary Edition Reissue but only in the 224 or 225 smaller sizes (for evening only). The Ritz is definitely a better everyday bag than either the 226 or 227 Reissue in terms of size and even color (as an 'everyday bag' it is a good neutral and holds a ton more than a 227 reissue).
  9. i absolutely love the grey reissue. it was the first chanel i saw and immediately fell hard and fast in love with. i just love the iconic history behind it- how coco chanel had designed it with the metal straps etc.
    the ritz in grey is a pretty bag too, so if you carry alot, it sounds like it would be better suited for you.
  10. loony! :wtf:

    get both and give me the reissue :graucho:
  11. ritz for holding more... i think it's gorgeous. i almost went for it at my trunk show today, but i held out for the cabas since i need less compartments and more open space (for carrying diapers, baby clothes, toy cars which need a faster access).
  12. Lemme think about it....NO

    If I end up buying the Rits there will no more bags for a very long time...definitely not this year :wtf:
  13. grey ritz >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> grey reissue!!!!
  14. Still haven't heard anything back :crybaby:Hope this means the SA's busy looking for one.
  15. Looons.....another chanel? I think the grey ritz is beeeyooootiful. Mmm I would love a grey chanel but already have a taupe... must not buy anymore bags! Do you want me to check Bond St store for you tomorrow?